Iomega External Super DVD

I cannot get this drive to recognize any DVDs. I keep getting the message “Insert a disk into the drive”. I’ve been struggling with it off and on for three months now. The only help I got from Iomega was to use Verbatim DVDs. I tried Verbatim Datalife in the drive and I still got the same message. Upgrading the firmware did not help, in fact the drive already had the latest version A110 anyway. It won’t even read regular movie DVDs. Funny thing is it reads and burns CD’s like a champ but I already have a CD burner in the PC. I think I got burned here (no pun) Next step is I use it for a doorstop and go buy a different one. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!

It sounds like something on the DVD side of the drive you have is dead. Some of the optics are DVD only, some CD only, so it’s quite possible to have a drive that works on CD but not DVD or vice versa.