Iomega external cd-rw 48x24x48 usb 2.0 installation problems on WinXP

I bought the Iomega external cd-rw 48x24x48 usb 2.0, and i can´t seem to install it on win XP!!! It recognized it as a removable disk drive at first and after i tried to update the drive it simply won´t find controllers for the device,

iomega online says the following regarding win xp and this cd-rw: "Drivers are not required to be downloaded. All necessary drivers are included in Windows XP. This means that your drive will be detected as a CD-ROM drive and, if supported by Windows XP, you may be able to burn CD’s using the Windows XP built-in burning software. "

any ideas on what should\could i do?

Just another remark: my usb ports are all 1.0. XP tells me this is a fast usb device (2.0) so it will work at a slower rate. Can this be causing the installation problem?

If anyone can help i’d apreciate it… Thanx


Usually Windows XP indeed will recognize the usb device automatically , but this can be faulty if the device does not have a sufficient power supply or is not downwards compatible.

Since all certified USB2 (recognizable at the USB2 logo) are downwards compatible there should be no problem.

What you could try is to remove all the USB drivers in Windows safe mode (F8) and then restart your computer to let it recognize all the drivers by itself.

Thanx, Mr. Belvedere.

Well, that didn´t seem to work.

After i restarted xp it reinstalled the same usb controllers.

Aparently my 2 USB ports are 1.0 and not 2.0 as is the iomega drive… :confused:

anyway, that shouldn’t prevent me from installing the new hardware. it should only limit the recording speed, right?

any suggestions?

weel i checked with iomega and it should work on a 1.1 usb port to: “(USB 2.0 connection required to achieve maximum drive speed. Standard USB 1.1 port limits speed to 4x4x6. USB 2.0 adapter card sold separately))”

so this is not what’s holding me down…

Good News!!!

It’s working.

You will not believe, but a simple shut down did the trick.


i had restarted the computer a lot of times during the process and ended up giving up.

this morning, i turned the comp on, connected the drive and … that was it.

its working perfectely…

i feel stupid, but very relieved… lol

see ya

Thanks Mr. Belvedere!! Just found my solution to an Iomega/Hotburn conflict on one of your replies. Having a Hi-Fi Link digital to analog device on one of my 4 laptop USBs was keeping my Iomega ext. drive from being recognized & also showing up two drive letters instead of one!! This forum is great!! Thanks again!!