Iomega expander drive adds 500GB for DVRs

I just posted the article Iomega expander drive adds 500GB for DVRs.

Iomega has announced their new DVR expander drive that will give users an extra of 500GB storage capacity. The company’s new expander drive will work together with Scientific Atlanta DVRs and TiVo…

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Err … the 750GB Samsung HDD I bought 2 months ago has 32MB Cache … and the only reason I bought the 750GB was because the 1GB’s (also with 32MB cache) haven’t budged in 6 months … Western Digital is just a tad behind the times, by at least 1 year. At least it might finally provide some competition in the top capacities & bring the prices down overall. :S

Wth? How do I post in the WD article & end up in iomega? Bug report time!