Iomega DVD+RW... Worth it?

Got this in my email and was wondering what you guys thought. Any ideas who actually makes the drive? Iomega certainly doesn’t.

Worth it or should I just save some cash and get a different drive?


Try THIS thread as well.

There it’s reported to be a NEC ND-1100A clone.

Ian has a link to another NEC ND-1100A clone review that he did.

Thanks, did a search before I posted for ‘Iomega DVD+RW’ and nothing relevant came up. Something about some guy with a CD-RW and a Zip drive came up, but not much else.

I’ll read through the reviews.


And now that I’ve actually clicked the link above, I find that my last comment was irrelevant.


As you’ll see from the CDR labs link, I’ve bought one from

Same deal as the US Parent company, just different country.

It’s a great price for a 4x DVD+R, 2.4x DVD+RW drive.

Yeah I was noticing the excellent price :slight_smile:

The only thing I worry about is compatibility with DVD players. I have a Sony 530D that shows compatibility with DVD-R(W) and DVD+R (not W) at

Oh well… I’ll keep searching… that price’ll hold for a few days I imagine.

I’ve got an Hitachi DV-P415 that is a big question mark about DVD+R(W) too.

But it’s worth it for me.

Most 4x DVD writers are $399 CDN or more.

I guess it’s a trip down to Fry’s for me to see what’s on sale there too :slight_smile: