Iomega DVD-R good?

I had to buy a 50pack cakebox of these Iomega DVD-R as I was badly low on diskspace and need to back up movies/programs. These dvds have a white opaque top with a red Iomega logo. The bottom is either silver or a very light blue, I can’t tell for sure. It reads as CMC MAG. AE1 from CD-DVD Speed. Is there any problem with this media? I ask as I may have to buy more for archival.

I tried doing a Disc Quality Scan but the “start” button is disabled in CD-DVD speed. I don’t know why that is. I have a Pioneer DVR-112D@ 1.09. I did a benchmark though which is attached below. Would the coating fade or peel quickly or anything (worse)?

Yowch, that TRT doesn’t look too healthy. Is your Pioneer internal or external?

BTW, you need to edit the registry to enable scanning on Pioneer drives, I believe. I’m sure someone can help you with that…but they’re not the most reliable scanners anyway :wink:

Your Pioneer drive has a Burst rate of 16 MB/s which limits the transfer rate badly. This could be because of not using an 80-wire IDE cable, or it could be a result of the DMA reverts to PIO problem. See the previous link or this thread for more information on how to troubleshoot that problem:

Troubleshooting: Enabling/Checking DMA in Windows Vista, XP, 2000, Me, 9x

By default Disc Quality Scanning is disabled for Pioneer drives in older versions of CDSpeed. I suggest you upgrade to the latest version (currently available from the CDSpeed homepage or directly from here.

I agree with Arachne that Pioneer drives are not the best for Disc Quality Scanning.

It an internal burner inside an enclosure and connected with USB2.0. The enclosure has a 80 wire IDE cable inside it though. With the black/blue ends (I believe those are the colors.

I checked the “Device Manager” (still) and they are both set to DMA is available.

I tried the CD-DVD Speed you suggested and got the following DQ scan. Didn’t have to edit the registry for that version.

The enclosure is probably the reason for the burst rate and dodgy TRT - same thing happens in my BenQ 1640 in USB2 enclosure (I get about 17 MB/s burst rate).

I swear I don’t know why they even make external DVD burners with USB2. You need Firewire 400, Firewire 800, or eSATA in order to get proper performance in an external burner. USB2 has always been useless for burners, but for some reason companies keep selling people the idea that they are acceptable.

I could only get a USB enclosure, as I only have a laptop and not a desktop where I could use a full internal. An external drive was also too expesive for me.

What about the iomega media?

Imation CMC MAG. AE1 should be fine. If you want extra reassurance, you’ll have to scan in a Lite-On or BenQ (and you can find out the best speed to burn them at this way too).

The internal and external (EZ-DUB) Lite-On LH-20A1P are both the same price in my local supermarket (€49,90) :bigsmile:

Iomega “Pearl Whites,” huh. A lot of people complain that they can be difficult to burn well (many resort to 4x burning), but I don’t think they’ve been tagged as fast degraders.

Oops! Iomega indeed (not Imation) :doh: . Still, I’d trust those CMC’s as long as they’re burned correctly :iagree: .

Hehe yeah, my next hardware purchase (apart from a whole new PC) will be a FireWire enclosure. Keep looking for one in B&M stores but it appears I’d have to order online.

My PX-716UF performs better on USB2.0 than IEEE1394a. USB2.0 works fine for external DVD burners, depending on the controller of the enclosure and that of the motherboard. Intel ICH8R USB2.0 works better for me likely because it’s integrated into the motherboard’s chipset and is not an add-on PCI-based host controller like the Firewire is on my board.

These are 8x media. We don’t usually get more than 8x media here (for DVDs that is). I usually burn at 6x anyway. When I try to burn at 8x using even the internal stock burner I get with my laptop it burns horridly slow, starts up fast but drops down to 1x,2x and takes more than 1hr sometimes to burn a DVD. I think this happens because my laptop HDD is slow, 5400rpm, and I only have 512MB RAM. It can also be due to my fragmentation, because I get good burns, by that I mean they actually burn at 8x speeds, only with files that have been on my hard-drive long enough that they have been defragmented. So I just burn at 6x so that it wouldn’t take long, besides I can wait 15mins for a burn better that 1hr+.
I might upgrade RAM sometime soon though, but not anything else such as the HDD in a hurry.

The reason I asked about CMC was because from reading around on this forum I gathered that CMC media was rubbish media. I guess that goes only for their CD-Rs? Or is the AE1 a durable DVD media version? I hope these things last some years and give noticable degredation so that I can copy my data off before it goes into the abyss.