Iomega Dual DVD+/-RW - Opinions

Does anybody have any experience or opinions of the Iomega Dual DVD+/-RW Drive ? This drive is being offered on for $197.98 and there is a $100.00 Rebate. Seems too good to pass up for 98$. Any info would be appreciated as there does not seem to be any reviews for this drive.

Anybody ?

I don’t see any Iomega drive at Have you got a link for us? :slight_smile:

It is now gone from there site, It was the featured drive yesterday. I did find that they have this Iomega Drive - Super DVD±RW/RAM Drive (newer version ?)

$211.99 - $100.00 rebate = 111.99

The $100 rebate is bogus. Read it–it requires the purchase of a dual/all-format DVD writer and a Videoh! USB 2.0. The latter costs $145.

Thanks for the info, I did not even read the rebate form. Not such a good deal for me after all,