Iomega announces patents for DVD disc with nano-technology



I just posted the article Iomega announces patents for DVD disc with nano-technology.

AO-DVD (not to be confused with HD DVD’s old name AOD) and NG-DVD are the acronyms of two new nano-tech based optical disc formats Iomega is working on and as a result…

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if these patents actually become products, it would make u think twice about the move to blue lasers, eh. Of course, we’ll never see the products :g If we do, I’m all for Iomega becoming an IP company and not actually making the drives. Never been impressed with the reliablility of their kit.


‘NG-DVD stands for Nano-Grating Digital Versatile Disc’ Nano-grating? - thought that was introduced with Jaz drives and led to the click of death :slight_smile:


lets just use the nano-grating technology with blu lasers and see super-duper nano technology. :slight_smile: :::bing!:::