Iomega announces a 500GB ScreenPlay HD Multimedia Drive

I just posted the article Iomega announces a 500GB ScreenPlay HD Multimedia Drive.

There are two main ways to watch movies on your TV: playing the disc directly from a standalone or using a multimedia drive.A multimedia drive basically is a hard disk drive (HDD) installed on an…

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I got excited about this post. At first it looked like something I might want. Then I contacted a support person at iomega. They don’t ship to Canada and she couldn’t even answer my question about whether the thing would play native 720 and 1080 DivX files. I bet their’s no x264 support, either. I’m just gonna keep waiting. :frowning:

With no apparent HD content playback it has the “click of death” smell about it…

Iomega sucks. Their shitty zip and jazz drives sunk them like a lead balloon.

Well obviously…nothing beats the Popcorn hour right now (if you want a cheaper media to your tv, look no furthur than a popcorn hour)