Iomega abandons Zip and DVD lays off 120



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like Iomega is in the process of making some sweeping changes. Long gone are the glory days of the Zip disc and a day or so before the posting of second quarter results, they are…

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Personally, I no longer believe in a future for Iomega. I have long used ZIP drives (until they became obsoleted by USB storage devices), and never had any problems with them, but then they came with JAZ drives, and these were lousy; they was absolutely positively impossible to rely on. The cartridges broke down as soon as you touched them, it seemed, and the drives didn’t really last that much longer. In my opinion, that’s when Iomega’s downfall began. Furthermore, they no longer innovated - they began producing things like CD writers or some such - I have never looked too close at any of their products ever again - long after everybody had them. And now they are discovering “harddrive-based” products… Big deal! How innovative! They will have a lot of convincing to do if they ever want me back as a customer. Not that I would be particularly happy to see them go bust - but I have simply lost my interest in them and in their products. I simply no longer find them attractive - neither feature-wise, nor price-wise. 'Nuff said… Time will tell if they succeed in recovering.


My Zip drive slowly ate all of my Zip disks from day one. (Slow enough that it wasn’t until after the warranty period was up that I figured out what was happening.) Since then I’ve never trusted Iomega storage devices.


Zip was the first and last product I purchased from these guys, back when HDs were far smaller and the removable storage offered by these discs was relatively ‘big’ by comparison. The infamous ‘click of death’ struck soon after and the rest was history. Never looked into another Iomega product. They had a semi-competitor at the time called SyQuest, that went bust too. As well as the LS-120 from (predominantly) Matsushita (Panasonic) and 3M (Imation). The price of CDRW quickly tumbled and took on just about everything in its path (and offered far more compatibility). The prices for blank Zips became quickly unjustified, even though they were easier “drag n drop”. Capacity increases to Zip and their other products never really caught on. No surprise, really. In recent times they’ve been essentially rebranding other products (CDRW, etc) so this news doesn’t come to me as particularly surprising.


I still kick myself for buying something that uses media that is so valuable that they kept it locked away behind glass. The few disks I bought cost me 4 times as much as the drive, and then I gave up with the idea of using them for backup. Now, dvds. That’s a different story.


Well, i don’t really think iomega has any more tricks. I perfer buying hard disks from other manufacturers than cartridges. I think they are more reliable, and are larger and faster. It’s just not innovative anymore