Iomega 8X DVD+R

Has anyone any knowledge about Iomega’s 8X +R?

I’ve never heard of them. Thought I’d throw that out.


Looks like Iomega has used both CMC and Prodisc in the past…
I do not know about the 8x DVD+R though…

Update - Bought some of these (+R) - got them on sale.


Which translated out to Mitsubishi. Decyperer also showed them as Verbatims.

Next question… I’ve seen quite a few ******-DVR-X47B codes. This one however precious little data on.


I’ve seen ZD1321 and ZD1331, ZC8365, ZC8514, ZC9667, ZD2343, and some others I can’t remember. I’m not quite sure what to make of them all. The ZD1331 discs, regardless of where made (by CMC or Prodisc that is) seem to be consistently good.