Iomega 52x USB2 need a flash to Liteon

I bought a Liteon 52x USB2 thinking it was a rebadgered Liteon even though the Liteon has not come out yet. It had all the earmarks of a Liteon; Smart Burn, 2mb buffer and it does not look like a Plextor so I took a chance.

I think I was wrong as it doesn’t seem to burn bit perfect and I can’t copy Max Payne without enhancements.

Is there any way to flash this drive to try something. Although I don’t think I can do it, I am on the verge of sending it back and I am willing to try anything. :frowning: :a

The prior question should be ignored as it has been so far. The Iomega 52x USB2 that I bought copies MOHAA just fine without any help and is bit perfect. I’d love to flash it to a Liteon some day though.

Well, this drive is probably an IDE drive in a USB2 case. You might be able to take the drive out of the enclosure put it inside your computer if you wanted to flash it to Lite-On.

Also, you should backup your original firmware first before flashing to Lite-On. I guess you probably knew that already, though.

Does the name of the drive end in a “-B”? You should be able to flash the drive using a FlashFix patched Lite-ON Windows Flasher, but neither mtkflash nor MTK WinFlash work with external drives. If you are going to falsh the drive, then I’d recommend removing it from the case (unless it’s a predator model which is not in a case) and make a backup of the firmware for me. Breaking the seal on the case will void your warranty, but so will converting it to a Lite-ON…

Yes, it must be a Liteon in a USB2 case. I tried to open it up but it was too hard to figure out. I undid all 4 screws but it wouldn’t open as I was going to flash it as an IDE drive in my computer and send you the firmware. Unless you can give me advice about openning the case I can’t get it open to flash the current firmware as an IDe drive.:frowning: