Iomega 40/12/48 ---> Liteon 40125 S/W



Is it possible to convert the Iomega 40/12/48 CD burner to the Liteon 40x and/or the 48x burner? (Assuming MTKFLASH can be used).

Apparently, the Iomega is a rebadged Liteon 40x.



Should work.

If you are sure that it’s a Lite-On :wink:


If you are sure that it’s a Lite-On

According to an earlier post on this forum (unfortunately, I couldn’t locate the post again), the Iomega 40x are either Liteons or Plexies.

Since the READ speed is 48x, the assumption is that it is a Liteon.

If that assumption is wrong…


Here’s the earlier thread that said the 40x Iomega is either a Liteon or a Plexy (Depending on READ speed).

The post also says that the Iomega CANNOT be upgraded to Liteon firmware. I presume that it can be upgraded if I use MTKFlash and the appropriate bin file.

Has anyone actually tried it?



Use the MTKFlash utility and make a copy of the orginal firmware, then make a copy of that and open it in notepad and scroll to the bottom to see if it is LiteOn.


Thanks. The only reason I wanted to buy the Iomega was because Liteon writers were not available in my country and it would be several weeks before I went to the US again.

That problem is now solved. Apparently, Liteon drives have made their appearance here in the last one week. I just bought a 32125W last evening.

Thanks to all of you for the information posted in this and other threads.