Iomega 16x10x40 & CDR-WIN

i recently got a new cd recorder… an iomega 16x10x40 internal drive. When i now try to use CDR-WIN i get that there is no supported drive! What can be wrong? On their website it says All Iomega burners are supported.
(BTW I am on win2k)
any help is welcome thanx

Do you have an ASPI layer installed and working? If not this could be your problem since CDRWin does not have a layer onboard. You can download ForeceASPI from (look under downloads).

when i installed the new software it asks to install the ASPI drivers & i pressed ok & it installed with no errors or anything. & it still doesnt detect it … also it used to work on my old CD Burner & once i put the new one in it just stopped detecting it!