Iomega 16/10/40 opinions?



I have found an excellent price for this drive and was seeking others opinions on it. From what I have heard it is either a rebadged Sanyo or Plextor (like the 12x).

The other drive I was looking at was the new 16x Aopen which is the rebadged Ricoh 7163... The Aopen will be about $30 US more expensive...

Thankyou for your assistance.

Cam Wheeler


I’m sure that it’s a good drive - it just depends on what you want to use it for exactly… each burner has it’s forte’s - if you want a good allrounder that can do most of the copy protections - go for a plex - if you want to archive your Mp3 collection go for the Iomega…

not sure about the Aopen… I’d go for the plex… at least you won’t regret that…



Thanks for the advice, however the 16x plex is more than 160 US dolllars more expensive here and is unfortunatly out of my price range…