IOMagic IDVD16DLS Problems with Lightscribe

I just got the IOMagic IDVD16DLS drive and having problems with using lightscribe and Nero 7 Ultra. I can not select it as a lightscribe drive in Nero CoverDesigner so I thought I would try to flash the firmware. I searched this site and I am not sure if it is the same drive as the BenQ 1655 or 1650. Can someone please tell me which one it is and if they had problems using the IDVD16DLS drive with lightscribe and Nero 7.

Oh yeah…the current firmware on the drive is GCGB. Which one would be the newer firmware? Is BCIC newer?


If the current firmware is GCGB then its OEM 1655. You can flash it to BCIB using BQFlasher. Let us know how it goes with Nero 7 and its LightScribe function.

Well I flashed it but still can not get lightscribe to work with Nero 7. I believe I am doing everything correctly but it is not working. When I go into preferences in Never CoverDesigner I still can not select the drive as a lightscribe drive. I tried following the instructions on the Nero site but still no luck. Their instructions are kind of lame and making me feel really stupid…I can usally figure things out but this has me stumped.

Do you have the lightscribe engine installed?

go to that link and download the LS_HSI file for NERO. look at the list and you’ll see NERO: lightscribe system sofware updates.

All the host files are installed and still having this problem. It appears to be only with Nero. With other lightscribe enabled programs I can use LS…

i’m having the same problem. just installed the latest nero demo, then reinstalled, uninstalled, reinstalled the lightscribe software. coverdseigner still doesn’t show lightscribe options, and it DID before i formatted and reinstalled xp. god damn computers!!

Update to the latest Nero.