IOMagic IDVD16DD Failure

I am running XP Home with SP2. I have recently installed I/O Magic’s 16X DVD with the +/-RW etc. I’ve updated the firmware, installed all necessary drivers, and everything else I could think of. I spoke with one of the techs at IO’s tech support and they walked me through all the things they could think of and all with no luck. I went so far as to exchange DVD writers and I am getting the same problems. I am not able to get anywhere with this player. I’ve only gotten as far as inserting the DVD, about 1-3 minutes later it may recognize the DVD, but still wont play it. Aside from this, I wouldnt even know if this device burns anything. Could the region be part of the problem? I am using Region 1 currently. Please provide any assistance possible. I thank you in advance.

Sounds like you have a software conflict in windows since you cannot get both drives to work with your PC. Simple solution is to connect the drive to the PC, wipe the hard drive, and reload windows. DO NOT add any other program after format/recovery of windows. Verify that your drive is functional with factory CDs and DVDs.

You can also test the drive with another PC>

Thanks. I’ll give it a run. It’s been a frustrating time.