IOMagic 52x burning at lower rate



I purchased Digital Research 52X from Bestbuy. There is a label of I/O Magic on the drive.

I am trying to burn on Sony Cdrs (40x). The maximum rate that the drive is burning is 11x.

Is it because I have slower computer or the drive is not good? My computer configs are PIII 500Mhz, 384MB Ram, 120GB Hard drive and Bus speed of 100 Mhz. I have also previously purchased another CD-R drive but it also burnt at similar rates so I returned it.

Please help me out. The firmware of this drive is K.GC



An update. I updated the firmware to K.IC but the speed results are still the same. Tried Sony and precision Cdrs…



check to make sure ur drive has DMA enabled.


Yep. That was the case! Its stupid because even though I enabled DMA in Bios, it didnt work first. Then, I found out that there is also DMA setting in Windows Device Manager. After turning on DMA, it is working great :slight_smile:



I also bought a Digital Research CD-R from Best Buy and had the same problem, but after enabling DMA it works OK.

Where can I find the firmware upgrade and do you know if it adds or corrects anything?