IOMagic 16X

Today I got the IOMagic 16X writer on sale at staples. I wound up with the BTC 1016IM. I was actually hoping to get the BenQ 1620. I’ve got 14 days to decide. Would I be better off mail ordering an actual BenQ or will this one do ok? Also, I notice the booktype utility won’t work in win98 so I’m using DVDInfoPro. Know any win98 versions of this utility in case I do keep the drive?

the tool is not required, Nero should also be able to do the job.

The BenQ is in any case a better choice.

PsychoCat, the same thing happened to me. I bought the IOMagic drive at Staples (the day after thanksgiving). I thought that i was getting a BenQ 1620, but it was the BTC drive instead. After doing a lot of research, I returned the BTC drive and bought the OEM BenQ from Newegg for $69 + $5 S/H.

Since then I have been really happy with the BenQ. The few extra dollars spent was well worth it to me. There is a lot of information on this forum about this issue. Search/Read some of the threads starting from the day after thanksgiving.

As the owner of a BTC 1008, I would definitely recommend the Benq drive. They promised to keep working on the firmware, and they haven’t released anything for 6 months. And it’s not like NEC or LiteOn which have a community of “open firmware” developers working on it. Go with the Benq, you’ll definitely be happier.

where can I find my iomagic Firmwae.MY DVDR -Model # DD1601.

Plaese help me

First you need to verify you have the BTC drive like most of us got. This can be done by looking at the sticker on the top of the drive. If you do, the firmware is on the BTC website.