IOMagic 1016IM sometimes don't read original dvd

Problem is that after I burned a dvd using DVD Shrink/Nero, I took out the burned DVD and put in another original movie to burn and the drive does not recognize that DVD. I took out the dvd and inserted back in and same thing. However, when I put in a burned dvd (doesn’t have to be the one I just burne) the drive recognized the dvd right away. Now after I take out that burned dvd and put the original DVD in, the drive recognize the DVD. This happens to ALL of DVDs I’ve burned so far. I know I can get by from using my old strategy but I am wondering why this is happening.

For your info:

  1. This is a rebadged BTC 1016 drive.
  2. I already did newest FW flash to A17J
  3. I have Win XP Professional and the drive is on 2nd Master and no other drives on the IDE channel.
  4. I am using latest DVD Shrink 3.2 and Nero 6.3.1.
  5. I am using AMD Duron 800 w/ 512mb ram ( I know it’s old but it works :p)

Thanks for all your help.