Iodata released latest f/w for nec3520 with DL-9 supp!



i just downloaded :slight_smile:


Can you check if this firmware supports PI/PIF scanning with Nero CD-/DVD-Speed 3.75?


The big question, does it support PIE/PIF testing?


is it possible to flash nec 3520 with this firmware (i mean not rebadged to IOdata). if it is, can someone share it to those who haven’t got IOdata serial?


Could you please send it to me,



Well hopefully somebody will email ScorpioSoft the firmware. Then you can flash any 3520 drive.


Nice one!


Is there no link for download?


Need a serial number :frowning:


yup u need a serial no.

i hav downloaded. converting to bin file now.

tried disc scan on latest cdspeed375. it dun work.

this f/w is not scanning ready yet.:frowning:


raygay, could you mail it to me (, please. Thanks!



check email pls :wink:


the dump info on this 3.22 ver f/w fr iodata

3.22 11.03.2005 00

CD-R Version: 1.01
CD-RW Version: 1.02
DVD-R Version: 1.02
DVD-RW Version: 1.08
DVD+R Version: 1.04
DVD+RW Version: 1.09
DVD+R9 Version: 1.02
DVD-R9 Version: 1.03g

RipLock Not Removed
RPC-2 (Region Locked)


See changed e-mail address :bow:

Update:Chello mail server in The Netherlands is down now :frowning:


unfortunately, no at the moment:(


Wonder if Liggy & Dee will mod this one?


We will certainly take a look at it, when we get hold of this firmware.


Cool, thanks for info. Keep up the great work :slight_smile:


How bout someone posts a serial so all can get in on the fun… :wink:


IOData would blacklist that serial imho.