Iodata has released his fw version for the LG4163
Can anyone with an iodata drive (and it’s serial number) download
this file and look at it


maybe iodata included pio/pif error return in this firmware//…??

Noone has this rebadge? :frowning:

4160B = DVR-ABH16W
4163B = DVR-ABH16A - it has not yet firmware…

416?B = DVR-ABM16A - it records DVD-R9 4x !

You are right…I was really sure to took a look at the right product page…my mistake sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice discovery.

DVR-ABM16A its like a 4163 + -R9 x4…interesting…intersting…

It’s unfortunate it’s not 8x, but just 4x.


I mean DL writing speed. At least Philips is preparing for the launch of 8x DVD+R DL.

the DVR-ABM16A is not LG-4163 its panasonic SW-9585
if you check the site thoroughly it does say the drive is MATSUSHITA which is panasonic
also the DVR-ABN16A is NEC
and the DVR-ABP16ABK is Pioneer
so H is hitachi
M is matsushita
N is NEC
and P is Pioneer

newegg now has the panasonic drive for $60.99

US$60.99 for SW-9585 seems like a good price. Though cartridge for DVD-RAM is not allowed and 16x DVD writing quality seems very questionable.