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> Subject: Fwd: (Warning)Windows 98 !
> Microsoft slapped two more lawsuit against one teenager and one retired
> worker for using pirated Windows 98 software.
> For your information on how Microsoft actually trace PIRATED / COPIED /
> UNLICENSED Windows 98:Whenever you logon into the internet, during the
> verifying password duration. Your ISP (Internet Service Provider) will
> download a SUB-REGISTRY ENCRYPTED HEXADECIMAL (containing all your
> serial numbers installed into Win98!!) file from your Windows 98 registry.
> Then they send this SUB-REGISTRY to Microsoft for verification. And ONLY
> Microsoft knows how to decode this encypted hexadecimal file. If Microsoft
> verified that the serial numbers are authentic, then they WILL REGISTER
> THOSE NUMBERS FOR YOU A-U-T-O-M-A-T-C-A-L-L-Y !!! And if Microsoft denied
> those serial numbers, then they will send an E-Mail to the ISP you dialled
> into and your ISP will start tracing everyone who logons to their systems.
> That’s why during sometime for no reason your internet started slowing
> And if your ISP verified that the SUB-REGISTRY ENCYPTED HEXADECIMAL file
> yours, they will send your information over to Microsoft Singapore. And
> there they will decide whether to take actions or not.There is already 54
> cases in Singapore regarding uses of PIRATE / COPIED / UNLICENSED Windows
> 98. I do not wish to see any of my friends get into this million dollar
> tangle from Bill Gates, not that I hate this guy, but it really sucks when
> they made such anti-piracy move into the software itself - thus forcing
> everyone to buy Microsoft original’s Windows 98, if not they’ll slap you
> with a lawsuit. Forward this mail to as many people you know, and who
> you may just save one of your friends from getting sued by Microsoft.