IO Magic/Bq 1620 drive flash

Hi all,

I have a IO Magic drive that is a rebadged BenQ 1620. Windows device manager always listed it as a Benq and it even says Benq on the BACK of the drive.

After I installed it I upgraded the firmware with retail “B” firmware and have had no problems running B7T9. Today I checked for new firmaware and I see that Benq says to use the bulk firmware (“G” series) if the drive does not have Benq stamped on the FRONT of the drive.

I just went ahead and flashed the B7W9 firmware anyway. Seems to have flashed fine but I haven’t used it yet.

Did I make a mistake? Should I have used the bulk firmware (G7V9) instead?

no mistake made. do some quality testing on your bruns. 1620 is a mature drive, with good firmware support. if your burns are good it doesn;t matter if its a g or b. retail firmware does get updated more frequently than oem tho.

Great! Thanks.