IO-DATA DVR-N18GL new fiimware same the NEC 7173

IO-DATA DVR-N18GL new fiimware same the NEC 7173
■Ver.1.00 → Ver.1.01(2007/03/27)
<F/W Ver1-2D → Ver1-2E>
・Windows Vista のマスター記録にて記録速度が遅くなってしまう問題を対策。
・記録した DVD-R DL が一部の DVD Recorder にて認識されない問題を対策。

Thanks :bow:

I can’t update because have this error. :o Help me please :bow:

Start Windows in ‘Safe Mode’ and try again. Works for me.

Whats new with this new firmware?

That will be a new write strategy.

CD-R - 1.07BF
CD-RW - 1.05
DVD-R - 1.16C
DVD-RW - 1.11
DVD+R - 1.16CF
DVD+RW - 1.11
DVD+R9 - 1.15A
DVD-R9 - 1.15A
DVD-RAM - 1.13BF

Thank’s :slight_smile: maybe i’ll give it a try later.

The same strategies as by official 1-02…

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Hello ScorpioSoft. Haven’t seen you around in awhile. Hope all is good your way :slight_smile:

Everything is as it should be. Other hobby’s took some time away from the firmwares (see my new avatar). Also my homepage is moved to another provider (owned by a friend).

Thanks for the reply. Glad to see all is ok :slight_smile: