IO Data DVD+RW drives - USB 2.0 External DVDRW-iU4.7P2



More USB 2.0 DVD+R/+RW writers coming.

IO DATA Website

So far, there have been three DVD+RW products from IO DATA. USB 2.0 external DVD+RW and IEEE 1394 external DVD+RW drives seem to have been cancelled and IO DATA went directly to Second Generation DVD+R/+RW USB 2.0.

Product News

First Generation DVD+RW (Internal Only)

Second Generation DVD+R/+RW


USB 2.0 External Reports on IO DATA DVD+R/+RW Drives

IO DATA External USB 2.0 DVD+R/+RW Drive Photo DVDRW-iU4.7P2

IO DATA DVD+R Media, too, for 6,800 Yen


Logitec DVD+R/+RW Drive LDR-R258U2

More from IO DATA

IO DATA 6x DVD-ROM & 24x CD-ROM USB 2.0 External (or portable) DVD-ROM Drive DVDC-U6

9,800 Yen or 75 US Dollars.


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