IO DATA Drives, how are they? Also, Jap driver w/ Eng WinXP SP2--do they get along?

My laptop’s memory recently filled up :a so I wentout and bought a 160GB HD from IO DATA [HDH-U160] (I live in rural northern Japan, not the most choice, but if I go to a big city, like Sapporo, I can probably get more.) and an IO Data external DVD burner [DVR-iUN16W]. My main question is, before I open the box (I can’t return it then.) Will the Eng Windows have problems with the Jap drivers? I know Win XP isn’t supposed to have these probs, but I’ve had problems w/ other programs installing (a printer driver). I also can’t find the Eng drivers on the IO Data website, or through Google. Help? :bow:
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Oh yes. If the device names are in Japanese you are doomed to have troubles at the core level. Fortunately most drivers follow the Microsoft WHQL standards.