Invincible Delta Force Cheat Where?

I was wondering where they get the invincible Delta Force/ the art of war/ Novalogic Cheat for the internet? I’ve never got the ones where you print words and hit enter to work on the internet. I have got the little disappearing and reappearing program cheat to work but never seen an invincible one of the same nature for the internet. Thanks Bat

Don’t cheat in Delta Force man. It just takes practice practice and more practice. The Delta Force community has been in a big battle against cheaters and trainer makers and one more is not gonna help. :frowning: . I don’t want to be mean but it’s a shame on you. I’m a Delta Force Series player and I detest cheaters. They ruin the idea of the game, to have fun! One can’t go in a Novaworld game anymore without seeing a no-life cheater ruining the game. Why did you ever decide to cheat? When you saw that you weren’t good enough? That’s how I began…I sucked! Until I sat on my behind and practiced…even on single player missions little by little I got good (not to brag of course but I did). If you decide to go the easy way, just remember the games you ruin for all those good and honest players out there and that there is no skill to be earned by cheating. If you do decide to go to best and honest way, you’ll have fun, become a good player, feel good about yourself, make friends and join the DF community. Nuff said. Cheerio!