Investigation of LCD market widens

An investigation into possible anticompetitive behavior in the flat-panel display market widened Tuesday, with at least four more big vendors saying they had been contacted by investigators.


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Just buy the Samsung 204b for $300 and get 1600x1200 on 20.1" of LCD goodness and 5ms response time, and you will get a good LCD at a good price.

Let the lawyers figure the rest out while you are happy with a nice monitor.

me like :cool:

hopefully that ram lawsuit they mentioned drops the price of ddr1&2 also :cool:

Wasn’t Samsung the main offender in Price fixing of Dram pricing (they copped the highest fine) … that’s right, buy samsung stuff & pledge your approval of their anti-consumer practices :stuck_out_tongue:

Rambus was the evil memory one, if I remember right.

I believe that Hewlit Packard got in a bit of trouble over that as well…