Invest in BD-R

I’m looking to invest in movie backups for my bluray collection.

I want to save a few shekels with cheaper 25GB BD-R media but longevity seems to be an issue.

Any suggestions from the learned MYCE community?

Longevity is unknown for virtually all BD-R discs. Most of us have only been burning them since 2008 or so, with just a few of us dipping into those waters a little earlier when it was REALLY expensive.

My advice, don’t buy Ritek discs, usually found under such brands as Ridata, Memorex and Imation.

I have had no issues with my cheap FTI/Falcon discs sold under the Smart-Blu brand, nor from my Verbatims. (not LTH Verbatim) Falcon Pro discs should be quite good, but not inexpensive. Panasonic is similar…high quality and not cheap, at least here in the US.

Some of the members here who burn discs more prolifically than me are using the inexpensive Melody brand which have INFOMER mid codes. Wait for one of them to show up with more info, since I don’t have any experience with those discs.

The Melodys are on sale for $20.90 for 50.

Cool. thx for replies. i’ll try the melodys

I’m about halfway through a case. No coasters yet. Burned on a Pioneer BDR-208D at 4x. All appear to play normal. AFAIK I cant do any disc quality testing on the BDR-208D so no shots.

The Melodys/INFOMER40 should be fine with 4x and 6x on Your Pioneer 208, it´s good quality.