Invalid time code used as copy protection?

Hi there,
I have searched the net and the forums here, but I haven’t found an answer to the discovery I made, so I post it here as a question.

Question: Could it be, that Sony does use a new kind of copy protection mechanism for their recent movie dvd releases using invalid time code at the beginning of the movie? Could this be part of ARccoS?

My observations:

  • applies to Superbad and 21 (consumer buyable European dvds)
  • observing that the first to seconds of the movie are not playable at all, even not manually.
  • when playing with PowerDVD (very, very old version), the first two seconds have a time code like:
    00:00:02 (hh:mm:ss) then 00:00:01 and then 00:00:02 again. This is where the movie actually starts and at 00:00:04 the intro starts.
  • when playing back those movies in a standalone player, the player jumps to at least one different other “title” on the dvd before directly jumping to the second 00:00:02 to play the movie.

Could someone enlighten me, please?

Hi there, as to your question, I may not have an answer, but I think it is running a kind of a SecuRom Launcher to authenticate the disc, before running the actual program.

Lately I have experience it that all sony incorporated games are using Securom, but we must remember, that for it to run Securom it is usally applied to installed software.

I think you should start your search looking at how, and different Securom’s are used to copy protect software and dvd’s.

If you try to burn a copy of a dvd that is protected in that way,
it may not play. Even if you get to decrypt and burn the files to a disc.


Moonstar is talking about movies not games :wink: