Invalid SourcePictureResolution error


I am trying to rip a DVD in PAL 720x576. I have really weird problems using AnyDVD + CloneDVD with it, basically within some of the chapters now appear chunks of 10-15 min long from other parts of this video, which I cannot cut out. So I have used DVDDecrypter in IFO mode to backup needed video and then recreated IFO files by IFOedit. It now playbacks fine from my harddisk and from standalone, however, why cant I reopen the newly created DVD from harrdisk in CloneDVD again - it gives me an error:
Error opening video files …
DvdManager 0 Invalid SourcePictureResolution.

But the resolution is the same as on original dvd, why do I get such a message, any ideas? I just want to be able to transcode parts of that video in CloneDVD.

Thanks in advance.


Any word of advice here, Olli? Please…!


Did you do a GET VTS SECTORS after IfoEdit had created the IFO files?


I didnt. But I tried to do it and nothing has changed after this.
Any more ideas, anyone?


Hi Razzor,

somewhere in the VIDEO_TS.IFO or VTS_xx.IFO files the Video attributes are incorrectly set (Source resolution, menu and titles). Valid entries are 0 to 3. Hope this helps.