Invalid Region code HELP PLEASE



Hi there I am a newby and although fairly computer literate I have a problem that I really would like some help with.
On a recent trip to USA I purchased a VENTURER PVS model 177G personal video system but now living in a region 4 country the player is objecting to the zones discs
How can I reset or change the region ???

any suggestions most welcome Thanks :bow:


The alternative:

  1. You may try this method:

  2. Or make a backup of your copy with AnyDVD and CloneDVD2. Download trials here:


THANKS !!! the link was spot on and worked Very Gratefull


I am glad you could solve the problem.


Hello Alex. I am new to CD Freaks. Your reply to Wanderer 2 was likewise a big help to me. You see, I own a Venturer PVS 177G as well and while in Argentina I bought several DVDs. Now, when I did, I was very much unaware of these 6 regions on this planet. Thank you for the way into my player.