"invalid navigation structure" <-- Please help



I had a bad dvd, so I rip all the files onto the harddrive and try to burn it with nero dvd, it says the resultant dvd might be unplayable on a dvd play, yeah whatever I continue, and yes it was unplayable. WHat happens is the dvd plays for a while then skips and heads off someplace later in the dvd. On the computer in power cinema it plays the whole thing but if I am fast forward/rewinding it it skips in the same places as on the dvd.

Is there a miracle piece of software that can fix invalid navigation structures?!?!?!

Please I really NEED HELP


I’ve had similar problems with DVDs downloaded where there’s all the menues for extras etc but actually no content.
I identify the main movie & copy those VOB’s to a separate directory renaming them to VTS_01_1.vob etc. I then use Ifoedit to recreate the IFO & BUP files. Usually works fine.


yep thats what I just done.

thanks anyway because if I hadn’t I would have followed your advice :smiley: