Invalid Filesystem / UDF

I’m struggeling with my NeroSDK burning implementation.
The general Problem is, that i write data to a dvd using the UDF filesystem and the appropriate MediaType (DVD_P_R for example).
Burning data to my DVD is no problem and works fine, but i actually do not finalize the disc because i want to be able to add another session/iso track. By the way the burn result after burning the dvd is OK (NEROAPI_BURN_OK).
When it comes to import the current IsoTrack using NeroImportDataTrack() an invalid filesytem error occures and I really don’t know how i can solve this. Here the snippet where i burn the dvd and read from it.

I have the impression that the cd/dvd writer hardware may be the cause of everything evil, its a TEAC DV-W28SS-R.



pSelf->m_BurnResult = ::NeroBurn( pSelf->m_hNeroDeviceHandle,  // Device handle for device which is used to burn
                                                          NERO_ISO_AUDIO_MEDIA,        // Kind of CD: ISO
                                                          pSelf->m_pWriteCD,           // Content
                                                          flags,                       // Flags, cf. above
                                                          (DWORD)pSelf->m_WriterSpeed, // Speed as 1x,4x,10x,...
                                                          &(pSelf->m_NeroProgress) );  // NeroProgress Callback function


importFlags = NIITEF_IMPORT_UDF;
pSelf->m_pIsoItem = ::NeroImportDataTrack( pSelf->m_hNeroDeviceHandle,
                                totalNumberOfTracks - 1, &(pSelf->m_pCDStamp), &isoTrackInfo,
                                importFlags, &importResult, NULL );

Does anybody got an idea of whats going wrong or if i do anythong terribly wrong?


I read in another thread that multi-session works fine for CD but not for DVD. If that’s true, then multi-session DVD is probably the problem.

thanks for your reply.
I guess mutlisession dvd is not the problem.
I must have something to do with the settings-flag used for burning.
Burning using Disc at Once mode works fine.
I actually did not figured out which settings work fine for multisession cd and dvd burning.

I recognized that i was using Nero SDK 1.08 and NeroAPI Version 6.6.
After a short review of the change log i got my fault … there was an inconsistency between Nero SDK and API.