Invalid DVD Structure - Will FAB suceed where Idle Pro fails?

I’m attempting to back up a new DVD, I’m using DVD Shrink and getting the error message “Invalid DVD Navigation Structure”. The DVD Shrink forums suggest that this is due to the encryption. They recommend several products to decrypt the DVD, including DVD Fab and DVD Region + CSS Fee.

I’ve been using DVD Idle Pro for several years, and DVD Shrink is ripping via DVD IP. It’s always been capable of ripping the most well protected discs and backing them up (I back up a lot for the holiday home and my kids movies after having had to replace several Disney titles due to Jam Finger Syndrom).

So, before I waste my money on DVD Fab Platinum, is that likely to be able to get round the encryption if DVD Idle Pro can’t?

(The disc is Hostel R2, if that makes a difference)

I hesitate to even raise this subject again, but you deserve an honest reply. Yes, it is much more likely that Platinum will be able to handle new encryption schemes because it has been updated more frequently. I think the last update for Region/CSS was October 2006, probably the same for Idle Pro. Platinum has a 30 day free trial, so you can download it and see if it works before purchasing.

See, I have the latest version of DVD Idle Pro, for which I’ve been licensed for some time. Which alleges to have Region/CSS support, so, does DVD FAB have more decryption powers than Idle Pro/Region+CSS?

It has more up-to-date decryption, which is what is needed for structure protection schemes. Don’t know if it will crack that particular disc or not, hence the free trial recommendation.:slight_smile: CSS and structure protection are entirely different creatures.

I think signals answered your question…
Last update for Fengtao’s products, other than platinum or gold ( was 10/26/06. So yes, platinum is much improved as compared with other products mentioned.

Platinum is a very comprehensive and complete program, updated constantly.
No risk to you as you can try it out for the free 30 day trial…same app as full retail except that it expires in 30 days.

Hope this helps.

Darn, late (and old) again… :sad:

Well, the free trial version appears to be working.

I’m reluctant to license it, since I’ve paid for DVD Idle Pro, and that’s worked for everything so far, and I’ve backed up with DVD Shrink.

Sigh. Shame.

If it’s any help THEMike, If Idle Pro couldn’t break Hostel which has been out for some time now, it’s only gonna get worse. There are quite a few newer movie’s since Hostel that has given DVDFab a hard time. And that’s any flavor. Platinum, Gold. But Fengtao’s updates have kept on top of even the newest copy protections. I would seriously consider going to Fab. It really does it all. Also, if you do have any trouble with Fab, you’ve got one heck of a support system here on CD Freaks. These people are GOOD. And also welcome to the club. Good luck with your decision THEMike~ Mike

Cheers, DVDFab seems pretty good, but, I’m wary of it. This is the first disc I’ve not been able to do with DVD Idle Pro and DVDShrink combo.

Some of the FAB features are pretty neat, like the merge option. Backing up the kids DVDs, they’re often pretty small (Particularly the nursery rhymes dvds) so merging them onto one disc would be neat.

I’m just not sure its worth the big price (compared to the already paid for Idle and the free shrink combo) for the odd disc. Hostel was only £5.99 from blockbusters here. (We were going to rent it, but it was £3.75 to rent. Couple of quid more to own? Insane. Rubbish film too, so a waste of £5.99 plus a blank DVD! Compulsive backuping must stop…)

Hello Themike
there are many programs out there to choose from and many say they can do this and that AND cost less but they also may need the help of other software to do their job and they are limited on support.

DVDFab Platinum does almost everything you want it is updated constantly and the company reads this forum and when there is an issue they get on it to fix the problem or issue at a very fast manner,
I grant you the price may be more then what you want to spend But look at what it can do, it is really an All-in-One program and you get a life time updates and also like time upgrade with all of that you just can’t go wrong.
also look at it this way what do you want 3, 4 or maybe 5 programs to do one job and take up a lot of memory and have maybe conflicting problems between them OR just one program that does it all at less memory.
You decide :bigsmile: