Invalid dvd structure, DVD Shrink cannot continue?



When I went to copy Zorro the Legend, I opened DVD Shrink, and clicked on “open disk”, it came back with an error message: DVD Shrink cannot continue, invalid DVD structure".

What in the heck does THAT mean? Is it some kind of copywrite deal? The original movie DVD plays just fine.

Anybody heard of this? I tried to search the threads on the CD Freaks site, but every time I hit search, it came back with that dreaded “page cannot be displayed” thing, so I had to start a new thread.

Any help would be appreciated,



The disc is formatted with a structure that Shrink can’t work with. I would suggest using AnyDVD.


Or use dvdfabdecrypter to rip the files first on the hd, otherwise you can use anydvd with clonedvd.


… or use DVDDecrypter with a PSL file.


Hello, goober22, rapid fire, and brokenbuga!!

You guys really know your stuff! I downloaded anydvd and dvdclone and away she went! No problems at all, and not another coaster!! LOL

Thanks to all of you!



are you using windows or linux? if your using windows i suggest getting a copy of dvd decrypter its known to rip more architectures/algorithms then dvdshrink, and if your using linux i suggest something more like k9copy or any other ripping app through terminal