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Hi all, I keep getting the error “Invalid DVD navigation structure” when trying to back up any of my Sony DVD’s. I’m trying to back 'em up with DVD Shrink, with AnyDVD running in the background, does anyone know anything about this please?

I have done a search and found an ancient post (about a year old) where a chap called James from AnyDVD appeared to be looking into the problem, but it seems like nothings happened…any ideas?


Update your version of Anydvd.

Or use Ripit4me.


I’m running AnyDVD, as far as i can tell that’s the latest version…?


Get RipIt4Me and you should be on your way.


Either RipIt4Me (as mentioned) or DVDFab Decrypter can rip the Sony Movies for you so that you can use DVDShrnk. There’s also VOBBlanker which can be used in conjunction with AnyDVD to customize the rip…then use DVDShrink to compress if necessary.


@everyone: Please let’s stay with the specific problem of AnyDVD, rather than immediately suggesting alternative applications (or suites thereof). The OP has paid for this software and is therefore entitled to some specific support.

I’m transferring this query to the AnyDVD section, where James and other Slysoft staff have a presence…


To do movie only copies of Sony titles with AnyDVD and DVD Shrink use the AnyDVD Ripper and rip the movie to your hard drive and then open the files with Shrink. This won’t necessarily work for full backup but it should allow you to do a movie only. Otherwise you can try what MBK is suggesting and use VobBlanker in combination with AnyDVD to rip it to your hard drive which should then allow you to open it with Shrink and do a full backup. Slysoft has been recommending CloneDVD2 in DVD+R DL mode to rip with before opening with Shrink, as well. If you own CloneDVD2 give that a shot as it should clean up the DVD structure to allow Shrink to work with it.


Thanks for all your replies folks, Ive taken your advice and tried Ripit4me and am now a very happy bunny! :bigsmile: Although imkidd57 makes a valid point, I would have thought AnyDVD would have built this into their software, given that its a paid for product and they normally are quite good with this kind of thing.

Ah well, i’m sorted, thanks much all!


I agree hey dude. They need to impliment a cleaner in place of the ripper. I don’t know what is stopping Slysoft. Of course if they can’t use the CloneDVD code because of licensing issues, make up their own. All this “use CloneDVD” is getting a little tiring.


Maybe hearing “use CloneDVD” is tiring but if it does work [CloneDVD with AnyDVD]… it works. People don’t have to use it but if things are more difficult then that’s life, too. That’s their problem to deal with. Sorry to sound harsh.

Pretty much AnyDVD + CloneDVD works nearly all [but not always] the time. On the other hand AnyDVD with DVD Shrink doesn’t with new structural protections. Is it wrong to suggest using CloneDVD with AnyDVD? Um… no. If someone comes up with an alternative that isn’t CloneDVD then that’d be cool but until then… CloneDVD is the most compatible program to use with AnyDVD for completely logical reasons.

Personally, I don’t think the ripper should be part of AnyDVD since it’s always the last case method and although Slysoft has tweaked the older FixVTS code it isn’t the latest official FixVTS release so it’s not something we can compare since we don’t really know the differences.

AnyDVD is for decrypting on the fly. It’s other programs that should be doing the copying. Unless they totally merge CloneDVD and AnyDVD then making AnyDVD implementing a cleaner isn’t right.

Anyway, just my two cents that I’m sure people could care less about but if I’m going to read other opinions I might as well share my own.

Sorry if all of this is OT but well… sorry.


You’re missing the point fella. The whole point is for people of limited experience like myself, I just want an out-of-the-box solution that works.

That’s what I believed I was paying for when I bought the license to AnyDVD. I dont want to have to rip vob files, stand on my head, do a back-flip and cough 3 times to get the damn thing to work, just want a program that will do it, and any time a new obstacle is introduced, the writers of AnyDVD should modify their program to deal with it.

Its all very well people like your good self getting in a huff over others wanting a simple solution, but really dude, save it.

If you can answer the question i’ll appreciate it. If not then please feel free to vent your spleen at the writers of programs that then want you to buy other programs in their product suite to make up for the deficiencies of their initial programs (money making ploy?).

and well, Sorry if all of this is OT but well… sorry.


I’m hoping you didn’t think parroting me would upset me because I don’t want to disappoint you. But, however, you, IMO, didn’t do your homework when you purchased AnyDVD. I’m really not trying to be an idiot and I won’t get into a flame war. I’m not trying to be insulting. I’m simply trying to explain the realities.

AnyDVD and CloneDVD will always be the most compatible because of the relationship between Elby and Slysoft. Slysoft bought AnyDVD from Elby to begin with. AnyDVD is not a ripper. AnyDVD is a decrypter. Yes, the [older] FixVTS code was added into AnyDVD but it wasn’t there originally. The fact that it got added in later makes the entire situation confusing. Using the ripper that is part of AnyDVD is always the last [worst] case scenario.

So, AnyDVD has issues with DVD Shrink [for example]. It’s not like Slysoft can contact the author of DVD Shrink and have a conversation as to why. When older unsupported [abandoned] programs begin having issues is it AnyDVD’s responsibility to fix the problem with another program? I believe the answer is no. It would be nice if Slysoft could resolve problems but we can’t expect them to fix all problems in relation to other programs. Give them time and they may fix the problems with DVD Shrink but they aren’t required to. I am in no way saying a program like DVD Shrink is bad. The fact is the program is great but you can’t blame Slysoft that DVD Shrink hasn’t been updated in God knows how long.

In short, reading pretty much anywhere when it comes to AnyDVD you will find that it is highly suggested that you also use CloneDVD and purchasing both at the same time actually allows you to save money because you get a discount. Does that mean you have to use both programs? No. But you will find that if there are issues between the two programs the chances are they will get fixed faster because… they have far more access to resolving the problems because of the relationship between Elby and Slysoft. They two programs are supposed to work together.

You are entitled to your opinions and free to express them. I, as well, am entitled to express my opinions. Mocking and insulting me got you nowhere in resolving anything Hopefully something I said made some sense to you but if you still believe I’m wrong… so be it.


Whatever dude. See my earlier reply about jumping through hoops to get a DVD backed-up.

My thanks to everyone else that posted very helpful replies, I am now able to back up my DVDs albeit using Ripit4me instead of AnyDVD. Consequently I’m recommending Ripit4me to friends and colleagues instead of AnyDVD, and they can save themselves some moolah too!

The question of why AnyDVD dont sort this out still stands, if there is anyone from Slysoft in the area a bit of input would be thoroughly appreciated.

Cheers Chaps!


@ hey_dude,

You asked for an “Out Of The Box” solution to process your backup copies of your Commercial DVD Movies.

The “Out Of The Box” solution is the AnyDVD-CloneDVD software combination. If you don’t want to use the AnyDVD-CloneDVD software combination that is your choice.

ALL of your questions concerning the AnyDVD and CloneDVD software programs have been previously answered in great detail and depth in both the CD Freaks AnyDVD and CloneDVD Forum by the SlySoft Technical Staff. If you are REALY interested in their reply suggest using the CD Freaks Forum Search for their answer.



Because it’s NOT an AnyDVD problem. It’s a PROBLEM with DVD Shrink. AnyDVD removes protections on the fly. Structural protections, by their very nature, aren’t fixable on the fly…even RipIt4Me doesn’t fix them on the fly. Another process must be used to clean up the DVD structure in order for DVD Shrink to be able to work with it. In the case of RipIt4Me, that solution is to use the FixVTS code. AnyDVD at one point did this, as well, but because the licensing for FixVTS has changed, they are no longer able to embed the newest FixVTS code into the AnyDVD ripper. Nonetheless, I’d argue that the problem is not with AnyDVD, but, with the software you’ve chosen to use with it. DVD Shrink should be updated to allow for structural defects, just as CloneDVD does. But since the author no longer supports DVD Shrink, this isn’t going to happen and another solution must be used. CloneDVD can be used to clean up the DVD structure so that DVD Shrink can work with it…hence why Slysoft recommends “ripping” with CloneDVD in DL mode even if you plan to compress with Shrink. (And to be fair, Slysoft is a BUSINESS…as such they wish to make money. Of course it’s in their best interest to recommend another one of their products…that makes perfect sense…plus it works)

In any case, I really don’t see what all the fuss is about. You have been given several solutions to your problem. You can continue to use RipIt4Me if it works for you. Most of us will continue to use AnyDVD, and if it requires us to use CloneDVD in combination, so be it. I bought AnyDVD, CloneDVD, and CloneCD a LONG time ago and have never once regretted that purchase. I hope you can find happiness in a backup solution that fits your needs…


SamuriHL, according to James even using the latest FixVTS on a ripped Saw 3 still does not allow it to load up in DVD Shrink.

AnyDVD does have its flaws like any other program. One of them being it isn’t able to process the VOB files. Which is where the ripper comes in handy. I think it would be a great thing if Slysoft re-did the ripper allowing the use of DVD Shrink. Many people are still using it. It just doesn’t make sense to me to spend $39 on a ripper. It would only be a ripper to those using DVD Shrink. I know I will use RipIt4Me or DVDFab Decrypter on those titles because they will get rid of all the protection. I mean, that’s what I paid for right? A program that gets rid of all the protection?


You are correct that the latest FixVTS didn’t seem to help with AnyDVD. No idea why. James said it simply didn’t work. As for an updated ripper in AnyDVD, yea, it WOULD be nice. But, I’m not sure how much of a priority it is for Slysoft considering their products don’t have an issue. Maybe James will chime in here and tell us whether it’s even being considered or not. Don’t get me wrong here…I DO understand the issue and why you feel it’s an important one. I’m not trying to marginalize that in the least. I’m just wondering if it makes sense for Slysoft from a business standpoint to spend time and resoures to “fix” a problem that doesn’t affect their software.


AnyDVD should not be thought of as a “Ripper-Fixer” program. It is a Decryptor driver.

I think AnyDVD should remove the “ripper” function and never include anything like it ever again. Remember, this feature is only a year old and I don’t think it was the correct direction for Slysolft to take in the first place. I believe it was only added because two popular freewares are no longer updated to meet current backup job requirements and several other programs are slowish in releasing updates to handle current ripping needs.

AnyDVD should return to being a pure decryptor like it always was in the begining … a tiny, elegant driver (the original “on the fly” concept), and stay off the path of a bloated feature rich program.

Leave the ripping & fixing up to copying software. If a copying program cannot handle the structural protections of the latest type (not to be mixed up with decrypting) then it is clear where the problem lays.

And just to be clear, any copying program that also includes a decryptor is illegal in most countries of the world. Hense the separation of the two product types.

Just MHO.



I would be happy if the ripper was removed too. It’s got nothing to do with the decrypting.


Agreed wholeheartedly. BTW I made some new edits to the text of my posting (above) which you just quoted.