Invalid Disk

I finally bought a 5045 liteon last thursday, worked fine but I found a problem:

Last night I started recording a video from VHS to a DVD-R disk in LP mode. I did it fine, when I finished the recording, I watched and everything was fine. As the disk had enough space for a second recording, I didn´t finalised it to resume the recording today and ejected it. This morning I put the disk back into the 5045 and it says “INVALID DISK”. How is this possible if it played perfectly just last night?. I tried several times and it says the same thing: “Invalid Disk”…

I read some topics in this forum about it but noone had the same problem as I did (most of the cases refers to finalised disks, incompatibility of brands or dirty lens). My machine is very new to use a lens cleaner (other disks are readable in the machine), I used a brand of disk that was recommended by liteon and my firmware is 197.

Can anybody help?, Can I make my disk watchable again?

I am having this problem as well - I am getting a replacement DVD Recorder sent to me ( My front video jack stopped working as well!! )

I believe that you cannot eject the disk unless you finalize it. When you put it back in, I think the Liteon starts from scratch, and will reject the previously recorded disk.