Invalid block start code


New to the forum, and had this program working before, but now it seems to have an error every time i use it. I have tried re-installing it, different movies and nothing seems to work. I am using DVD Decryptor in file mode with all files selected to rip. I am trying to figure out what the heck I could have possibly changed to have this error constantly coming up. I have tried using dvd2one and it seems to work, but for some reason cloneDVD wont.

Any suggestions would be great.


KC Jones


I had this problem too with this version of DVD Decrypter and with the previous version, I had no problem. So I reinstalled the version 3.1.9 and now all work without problem.
A new version of DVD Decrypter is out today (3.2.1). Maybe that’s correct the bug.


tried cleaning the dvd’s surface?

ya, ive tried cleaning the discs, everything, nothing seems to work. it happens with all movies, not sure if the default settings are messed up in dvd decryptor, or what, but it didnt help. for some reason tho, dvd2one works, not sure whats going on there.