InvaderZim Vol 02 Disc 04 help!



Hello, I have a problem with a scratched disc that I am trying to backup from my sons collection. Invader zim vol 2 disc 4 and I get this error can someone guide me to a program that will repair it or something. I already used anydvd ripper but it failed. Disc is completely clean but scratched. It fails in only 1 spot too. Oh I have anydvd v6.1.1.1 and clone dvd2 v2.9.0.3.


Davidstjohn3 -

Unfortunately there is no magic software program that will remove a scratch from a DVD or CD.

Possible the below Web Links will help you to physically repair your scratched DVD ->



Thank you Belooken for your responce I appreciate it! I did after wiping the disc for a 3rd time got anydvd ripper to work what a great program I thought it was scratched beyond repair and It did work after the 3rd time. Thanks…