Introverted youth have deep roots for behavior

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The attitude that there’s something wrong with introverted people is widely shared in society, where fast talk and snap decisions are often valued over listening, deliberation and careful planning. Extroverts seem to rule the world or, at least, the USA, which hasn’t elected an introverted president for three decades, since Jimmy Carter.

“The signals we get from the world agree that extroversion is valued,” says Sanford Cohn, an associate professor in curriculum and instruction at Arizona State University. “A lot of the messages we get from society have to do with being social, and in order to be social you have to behave a certain way.”

But that is impossible for introverted kids. Raising them isn’t easy, particularly if parents, family members, teachers, coaches and other adults don’t allow them to be who they are.

Introverted children enjoy the internal world of thoughts, feelings and fantasies, and there’s a physiological reason for this. Researchers using brain scans have found introverts have more brain activity in general, and specifically in the frontal lobes. When these areas are activated, introverts are energized by retrieving long-term memories, problem solving, introspection, complex thinking and planning.

Extroverts enjoy the external world of things, people and activities. They have more activity in brain areas involved in processing the sensory information we’re bombarded with daily. Because extroverts have less internally generated brain activity, they search for more external stimuli to energize them.

“It’s the different pathways that are turned on that activate the behaviors and abilities we see in introverts and extroverts,” says Marti Olsen Laney, a neuroscience researcher and author in Portland, Ore., who is credited with connecting introversion with its underlying biology. “It impacts all areas of their lives: how they process information, how they restore their energy, what they enjoy and how they communicate.”

Introverted children need time alone more than do extroverted children, says Laney, whose book, The Hidden Gifts of the Introverted Child, is due in January. “Extroverts gain energy by being out and about,” but “being with people takes energy from introverts, and they need to get away to restore that energy.”

Laney says introverted kids also behave differently.

They’re not slow, inattentive or shy. Shyness is behavior that may diminish as children grow; introversion is a character trait that lasts.

So, what are you? :slight_smile:

hey i’m a 50 50 introvert and extrovert on the temperament test sometimes people wear me out and sometimes i need the crowd, so where does that put me?

“Extroverts gain energy by being out and about,” but “being with people takes energy from introverts, and they need to get away to restore that energy.”

now that comment describes me to a T

i drive my GF nuts because when i have my days off i plan all of my time out of the house to 1 trip and then the rest of the time i stay home. there are plenty of people i would rather chat with from afar than actually be in their presence.

an exchange from Clerks i though kinda summed it up pretty good:

Dante: But you hate people!
Randall: Yes, but I love gatherings. Isn’t it ironic?

And which half of that statement is you?

People wear me out … they talk about alot of inconsequential stuff all the time, things which I have to turn my brain off to listen to :stuck_out_tongue:

All that talk about who got onto who on the weekend, and what someone else said about “our sheryl” or worse, which favourite sports team is gonna win the final :stuck_out_tongue: , all while I’m wondering how much the temperature will rise in cabling run in conduit vs direct buried, and the effect of different tenacy configurations will effect the voltage drop, with regard to changes in maximum demands, and so on and so forth.

both halves are me… :stuck_out_tongue:
whats the overall cost of running CAT 7 lines in the house as opposed to CAT5 would there be a use for 7 now or will that just be a wait and see situtation here in the good ole US of A …? will Cat 5 be enough to have the typical modern house …complete with warm floor and automatic lights?

Yeah I recognize that. I guess I am kind of the same (I’ve known for a long time that I’m somewhat an introvert person). Much random chitchat really annoys the crap out of me. I don’t give a damn about the way the neighbours of my girlfriends parents raise their puppy dog. I couldn’t care less about all the nonsense on the tv (I do like series and movies) as the same time could be used for doing important stuff like thinking things through, planning or even doing what needs to be done.

Yes I’m pretty introvert myself. I do like to talk, but not in big crowds. When in a (bigger) group, I just don’t know what to say, so I’ll just shut up. I like to do 1 to 1 conversations (or in small groups). My mind is always busy, thinking and planning. I’m always asking questions to myself and everybody near me, as I always need more information than I have.
I learned how to behave in crowds. Although my “proffessional world” (ICT) is pretty introvert, I’ve been a salesman (fruits:)) for many years and I’ve been a DJ too. Thing is… I can function in such groups, but not from the heart. I really need to think about what to say and what to do. Thinking how to respond to chitchat by extravert people is harder than figuring out how I will repair the car (for instance). I don’t live in some fantasy world, I always try to see things as clear as possible. Fantasies are nice… but they are just fantasies and thus irrelevant.
Some might think that introvert people are drones. They are not… but they are different than the overall extravert crowd.

IEEE spectrum has stated previously that Cat7 labelled cable offered by manufactured showed no real performance over Cat 6, which at this moment in time really offers no real performance advantage over Cat5E.

Cat5 was approximately designed for 200Mb/s ethernet upto 100m lengths. Cat5E was designed for approx 600Mb/s ethernet upto 100m lengths.

Cat6 was designed for speeds exceeding 1.2Gb/s …
Cat7 … I didn’t even realise there was a proper standard for it yet :stuck_out_tongue: I suspect it’s just a marketting term which manufacturers/marketters use to bilk people by offering a Cat6 product which slightly exceeds Cat6 requirements.

The point here is that the difference between the cables for you house will be negligible. Cat6 would be overkill. The noise rejection & capacitance of the Cat5E cables won’t be a problem over just 30m lengths, upto Gigabit. Cat6 might give you better performance when speeds eventually progress to 10Gbps, which won’t be for at least another 5-10yrs, in which case wireless will probably have caught up anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

ok i thought this thread was about extroverted and inverted perverted mofos not about cat 5 and 7 even thought i like cat 6 still coz i havent tried cat 7 yet hehehehe

Hmmm, I am most definitely introverted.

nymac11 <- nice trick with the smoke…

thanx took me a while to get it just right without blowing a hole in my monitor hehehehe, guess if i really squeezed the trigger i wouldn’t be able to put up my avatar hu?

so what exactly are you saying while blowing smoke???

Hold on…Really, I’m not slow. I am just too busy retrieving long-term memories and thinking in a complex fashion. Hopefully I wont be too taxed by this encounter, otherwise I might have to go off into the corner, curl the fetal position and start sucking my thumb so that I can re-energize.

How is raising an introvert difficult?

Who writes this drivel…“The Hidden Gifts of the Introverted Child” (I am to lazy to hit the link again - whoops…Laney). Screw you.

And goes on to make the shooking statement that “introverted kids also behave differently”. Well, duh. It is after all a behavioural categorization.

Also…the world is actually run by a speciallized subset of extroverts…they are the socially aggressive, tenacious bull$hitter$.

Not that this hits a sore spot or anything. :frowning:

Well said :wink:

Introverted kids get to the the point, something extroverts seem to have excessive difficulty doing. Probably why we aren’t popular :stuck_out_tongue: We don’t gift wrap our words to make it sound pretty :stuck_out_tongue:

/me watches the lightning flash across his window every 10s … and wonders which piece of networking equipment is gonna die today …
It makes 6 of the last 7 days stormy … And here I was complaining about unpredictable weather in Oz!

i’m sayin “BIOTCH!”