Hello and welcome to this new dualsim forum. In this forum we will talk about dualsim adapters and the new dualsim online Bluetooth devices.

Dualsim Adapters have been available for a few years now. We distinguish between Cut and No Cut Dualsim Adapters. A cut Dualsim Adapter has the size of a standard sim card and
fits into the phone’s sim slot. Every standard simcard has a a golden chip which can be cut out. This way a cut dualsim adapter can host 2 sim cards. An IC controller on the adapter
displays a menu to select the active sim in the phone. A very popular 3g compatible dualsim adapter is Hypercard 3G.Here you can see a manual.
No Cut dualsim adapters do not require sim cutting. One side of the adapter holds a standard sim card which fits the phone’s sim slot . The other side of the adapter has 1 or 2 slots
for additional sims.

Dualsim and triple sim adapters are available with standard sim slots like the NC1 for Samsung Galaxy S2, but also as Microsim version for iPhone 4 - see the I-42 andI-43 as reference -
and NC2 and NC3 for Galaxy S3. So one side of the adapter hold a mirosim whereas the other side holds1 or 2 standard sims.

A dualsim adapter can be of great value e.g. when traveling and using local prepaid sims to avoid roaming charges or switching inbetween work and private numbers.
However, dualsim adapters have one limitation. There is always just one sim active. So you need to switch sim cards by menu or shortcut manually.You are not informed when the unselected sim gets a
call or a message.

Dualsim/ Triple Sim online Bluetooth Devices do not have this limitation any more. You are online with up to 3 simcards at the same time on your phone, just like with a dualsim phone.
For now they only work on Android and IOS.
The first dualsim online Bluetooth device was Gmate and Gmate plus. It pairs with your Android phone through Bluetooth and for calls you just install an app and you will be reachable on your
internal sim and at the same time on the sim in your Bluetooth device. Data connections are still limited to GPRS/Edge speed and require root access on Android.
So a dualsim Bluetooth device is not a mobile 3g hotspot and should not be compared to a mobile 3g hotspot either. IOS devices like iPhone and iPad do also rwork but require a jailbreak.

The very newest Dualsim online devices come from SocBlue.SocBlue A810 can host 2 simcards, has the size of a credit card and connects with Android through Bluetooth and an App. It also connects with
a jailbroken iPhone or iPad. It will turn an Andoid phone into a triple sim online phone, same for iPhone. Tabs can get dualsim online phone function. Data fonction is still in development and limited
to GPRS/Edge for the moment (root acces necessary on Android devices) . A phone user usually uses the card in his phone for data access anyways.
3 more Socblue devices are about to be released very soon, a quad band phone which can be a dualsim online device at the same time and a very slim iPhone 4 dualsim online case.Of course I will keep you posted on this.

This is a basic introduction to dualsim adapters and dualsim Bluetooth devices and has no intention to be complete. I sincerely hope that we will have many interested new user, threads and topics as
this forum develops.

To end this introduction, a few words about myself. I have been in dualsim business since 2003 and I am looking forward to sharing my knowledge with you as well as learning from you and discussing with you.
Let’s fill this forum with life!

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