Hi all, just wanted to introduce myself before posting about my problems. This seems like a friendly forum where people help with your problems. I’m really a novice when it comes to this sort of thing, but fairly computer-savvy as I learned how to manage memory/resources on DOS 6.2/Windows 3.1 so my boys could play video games and still leave resources left for other things once I kicked them off. (Assuming their “success” on a MUD game didn’t garner an irate loser’s retaliation resulting in my Hard Drive’s elimination - which actually did happen once!)

I’ve come through Win95, Win98SE and the infamous Win ME, now using Win XP “Media Edition” - whatever that is - because that’s all I was alllowed when buying my new system a year ago (Gateway NX570X) to keep from succumbing to Vista. I just felt taking on Vista wasn’t really an option for me then, or now since I’ve heard there are/were so many problems with it and my time is so limited. Right now my major focus is getting through residency and learning how to save human lives which seems more pressing - to me at least. In my defense, multiple support techs have applauded my restraint from jumping right into Vista with the rest of the crowd - hopefully my decision to abstain is reasonable for the time being although I know it’s just a matter of time before I’m forced to submit to the latest Microsoft Monoply Monster - at least until they come out with the next “real” OS.

BUT… in my grusome schedule I still set a little time aside for myself to keep a semblence of sanity, and I’ve become enamoured of the DVDFab program for backing up my precious collections. I am however having some problems with some the (I assume) advanced features such as DVD9 to DVD9 and DVD9 to split DVD5’s.

Anyway, I’ll not be posting those questions here as I know they’re inappropriatie in thiis forum, this is just by way of introduction.


P.S. This program doesn’t allow copy/pasting to another program - strange - hopefully my post is adequate and/or makes some kind of sense even so late at night. :slight_smile:

Hey, Mamabird, welcome to CDF…yep, you’ll get plenty of help here with any tech problems :slight_smile:

Hello Mamabird, welcome to CdF…and Arachne is right on. You’ll find all the help you need here. There’s some very knowledgable, and helfpul people in the ranks here.

Welcome to the boards!