Introduction to DVD Burning

While I’m not a computer n00b, I am quite a n00b at DVD burning. Just got a NEC 2500A yesterday and fired it up. I’m pretty sure I’ve got the hang of Data DVDs but I have loads of questions about Movies.
I have some DVD+R’s that I’ve been trying to use to create movies. I’ve tried three different things thus far:

  1. I had downloaded a DVD broken down into its AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS and burnt it directly to a dvd as data (with Nero), and I couldn’t get it to play on two (of two tried) DVD players. When the DVD was put in my PC it was recognized as a DVD Movie.
  2. I had an image of a DVD which worked perfectly on Daemon that I burnt via Nero that did not work on either of the DVD players. When put in my PC recognized as DVD Movie.
  3. Since I wasn’t sure if I’d finalized the DVD in step 2 so I tried again making sure to finalize, but it still didn’t work. When put in my PC recognized as DVD movie.

I’ve checked the compatibility of the one DVD standalone and it says it supports DVD+R and DVD+RW. So I just don’t know what to do, if some of you DVD Burning gurus could just shower me with ideas and things to try (different software, different media, different techniques) I would really appreciate it.

This is my first post, I’m sorry if it is not the best one you’ve ever seen, I’ll try and make em better int he future. A thanks in advance for the help I’ve always found from cdfreaks that I’m sure I’ll find again.

A small step forward… when I cloned a DVD it worked perfectly… suggesting I have something set up wrong with my software, or a poor software choice, because I now know the media is no longer a problem. Advice still welcome/appreciated.

I’ve experimented a bit more and I tried this:
The image I was using I extractyed with winRAR
then burnt using the clone DVD function of CloneDVD 2.0 and it played on th DVD Player, but horribly, I couldn’t make anything out, it looked like an old filmstrip jumping frames and was discolored, when placed in my PC worked fine.

I’m wondering if the clone dvd function of clonedvd 2.0 is doing something special that is making the discs accepted
but also why the disc was playing strangel (copyright protection)

Lastly I appologize that I have to continue replying, but I don’t have the ability to edit posts (not sure why)

For best compatibility, make the VIDEO_TS folder into an iso using imgtool classic.
then burn with nero normally.

For DVD+R, you can also try bitsetting to DVD-ROM. I don’t know if the 2500 has the capability, but it usually involves modded firmware or a small utility. Browse the NEC forum for more info.