Introduction & my DVR-A04

Hello all,

My name is SLIM_MOOSE, and as you can imagine yes I’m a newb to an extent. I own a Pioneer DVR-A04, had for almost 2 years now… and I still haven’t been able to burn a single DVD. I use it to run CD’s as well burn CD’s. So I’d imagine that it must be installed correctly, whenever I insert a blank DVD in the drive, my computer either tries to load it via Win XP and then crashes. Or if I load it in the software provided MyDVD or Nero, I get a “Disc not found” comment. I’ve downloaded the newest firmware from the Pioneer site and installed that. Can anyone please give me some advice? Its a shame to have these capabilities and not be able to use them.



So I played a lil with my DVD burner today, and used the NeroInfo option first placing a copy of “Underworld” DVD in and my drive read it no problem. I also found out that it reads at 24x and writes at 8x, do I need to be using RW DVD’s if I have RW drive or does it matter. I’m using currently TDK. DVD+R Recordable DVD’s, 120 minute video, 4.7GB,up to 2.4x compatible. I’m guessing these are the wrong DVDs for me??

DVD+RW drives can write to both DVD+R and DVD+RW

edit: didn’t know his drive was -R only; thanks stoner

There’s your problem. The Pioneer DVR-A04 is a DVD-R/-RW only DVD writer, it doesn’t and can’t write to DVD+R media. Go get some DVD-R format media and try again.