Introduction - jumpmanlives

G’day folks,

I just bought a LiteOn DH20A4P. I have found some helpful thread on this site. It looks like it is very active site I suppose this is because there are thousands of members and it is a decade old.

I like to play guitars and hand drums and sing in groups. I’m from country Vic in Australia and like to surf. Been in IT for a few year but have been avidly interested in computer technologies since the x286.

I like to forums, wikis and imdbblizzard

Games: C&C ZH, HL:CS, Nintendo titles but haven’t gamed prop for a couple of years. I use FaceBook a bit and play KnightHood app.

Love drawing in painbrush and photoshop.

Do music stuff with coolEdit and foobar

Catch you 'round.

Welcome to CDF, jumpmanlives, great to have you with us :slight_smile:

[B][quote=jumpmanlives;2062366]G’day folks,[/B]

[B]Catch you 'round.[/quote][/B]

[B]Welkom to the loony bin :flower:[/B]
[B]your first word gave your location away :bigsmile:[/B]

Cheers <Archane> ‘n’ <Di>, nice loony bin you have here. After registration links led to “the lounge” here so soz I didn’t post in “Newbie forum”, didn’t see it.
Here, let me buy a round of kittens for you all:

A round of kittens, eh? That’s my kind of round :smiley:

And no worries, for introductions this is as good a place as any to post! :wink: