Introducing New product DVDFab DRM Removal

Greetings from DVDFab! :flower:

FairPlay, Apple’s own version of DRM encryptions, prevents its users from fairly playing their legally purchased songs, movies and TV shows on any non-Apple devices. Now with the release of DVDFab DRM Removal, such kind of limitation is no longer a barrier in the road.

Introducing the DVDFab DRM Removal
Born as a piece of DRM removal software, DVDFab DRM Removal has one and only one top mission — Remove the DRM encryptions from the Apple-sold songs, movies and TV Shows, so as to enjoy them on any non-Apple devices, which might be an Android phone or tablet, etc. The removal solution is complete and permanent, and the entire process does not damage the original video and audio quality at all.

Enjoy the 30% off Early Bird Discount
As always, to celebrate the introduction of the DRM removal software, 30% coupon, DRMREMOVAL30, valid till April 16, is being offered to anyone willing to take the first bite of the cake. Moreover, if you are the all-in-one users, please contact our Service Team for an even better discount.

More Info about DVDFab DRM Removal:

Tried using the trial yesterday but both good and bad luck. Removing the DRM from iTunes video worked like a charm. Very fast and excellent results. But removing the DRM from iTunes music was a big flop. Could not get the program to even locate the music files within the iTunes library. Wasted a couple of hours on it yesterday but never could get it to work. I think the program is worthwhile just for the video DRM removal though, but it’s a bit of a rip off if you’re looking for removing DRM from music files.

Hi, thanks for using DVDFab DRM Removal. Normally, it works well on both video and music. If you are using iTunes 12.6, please try to refresh the Add from iTunes box. If it still doesn’t work, please offer your iTunes version, we will check the reason.