Introducing Myself

Hi. I am Ob3D. I run several moderately successful websites, both on my own and for the company that for whom I work fulltime. Why should you care? Well, I am the new webhost of CDFREAKS and will be helping maintain and expand the site wherever possible. I have my own dedicated server box, where CDFREAKS resides now and forever. I seriously don’t care if some big corporation doesn’t like this site. It’s my box, my bandwidth, and the USA has serious first amendment rights (free speech) that I plan to uphold.

I look forward to being an active member of this community. I am a professional programmer with specialty in UNIX/PERL and Java. I also love gaming, specially UT and HalfLife (particularly CounterStrike).


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Welcome then! And keep up the good work (and the server!)

Right on Ob3D…pleased to meet you,

Welcome Ob3D,

Glad to hear CDFREAKS has found a server who won’t quit on them!!
Good luck and that we may learn a lot from eachother.


Make sure you won’t forget him

You’ll probably hear more from him !

Welcome… and God Bless America!!!
Nice to this site back up!!!


Enjoy your stage…

Good thing Ob3D. Keep helping the warez scene until they decide to lower the prices!!!


just keep it going,thats all i ask,and if you can get some of these guys to write in english more help can be had…thanks


If I could kiss you I would (well, maybe not!) I’m glad to see that there are still some people on this planet willing to stand up for what they believe in!

Keep up the good work.


nice name Ob3D!
and nice to have you here with us all

Great, it really good to know that this splendid site won’t be down anymore.
Good to know that it’s running Linux too

Ob3D We Welcome You…

Nice one 0B3D keep up the good work.

Ch5 Micky

Well done.
It’s a touchdown!

Kick ASS!
Glad to see this site up again

Welcome, and thank you for a great site…

Keep up the good work


Hi, What does Ob3D means? Ob=??
Anyway Thanks for being with CD-Freaks

Nice work. Would ya share with us the tech details of the server???

Your fantastic Ob3D !!!
I can’t live without CDfreaks man, your the best, keep it going.