Introducing "LiteON Premium" burner drive



Firmware: DWD2
Media: MKM003
Burn Speed 8x PCAV


Firmware: DWD2
Media: TYG02
Burn Speed 8x PCAV


Firmware: DWD2
Media: TYG03
Burn Speed 16x CAV


The TYG-scans looks nice, but the MKM 003 a bit weird at first layer


This particular batch of MKM003 has its first layer all showing the same regardless of which burner I’ve tried, so it’s not indicative of the Premium drive’s inability to burn it properly.


Where is it made?


This old batch was made in Singapore.


OK, not sure if I ever had MKM 003 from Singapore


Had you been “collecting” media in 2005, then you would’ve seen it. :stuck_out_tongue:


I have a lot of media from 2005, like CMC 8x, 16x CMC/MCC, TYG03, T02, …

But not sure if I used DL media in 2005


If just looking at the PIE, then I was disappointed with this batch of Verbatim MKM003, whereas all the MIS MKM001 I had/have was much better and didn’t show this first layer of “errors.” Regardless, as long as the media is played back fine, I’m not too worried about it.


MKM 001 were also much more expensive and had very high quality. My Standalones were also not very sensitive with higher PIE, so I could deal with some “Critical”-media


That sounds great too.
Thank you, LightOn.


anyone test this drive in EAC to see if it can overread leadout or leadin?

to test you have to insert an EAC reference audio CD and disable accuraterip auto config of the drive on the drive options page. EAC will then allow you to scan a reference CD and give you a report on the offset and if the drive can read the leadout and lead in. by being able to read leadout and leadin the drive can read a few samples on an audio CD other drives cannot read which are replaced with silence on other drives. here is a list of reference CDs you can insert for EAC to do this

dbPoweramp and other tools might be able to test and report on overread of leadout/leadin as well.

looking for any drive that actually do this on the market today for best audio rip ability. anyone know? I know for a fact the iHAS124-14 F and iHAS324-17 F CANNOT, so the only other option is to try the Lite-On Premium/AD-5290S/AD-5290S Plus/Plextor PX-891SAF Plus/PioData drives which are labeled as ‘duplicator grade Lite-ON’ drives, and maybe LG drives sold on newegg. as AD-5290S is based on iHAS124/324 doubt it will work, but it does report the ability to overburn CD-R to 99 minute which hints at the ability to overread the disc (not aware of if the iHAS124/324 themselves allow overburn of CD-R to 99 min). AD-5290S Plus/PX-891SAF Plus as described is entirely different drive - so its worth testing to check. not many drives on the market today so there’s not a lot of choice. overreading leadout/leadin seems sort of rare to come across. :smiley: :slight_smile: