Introducing "LiteON Premium" burner drive



Verbatim DVD+R DL (MKM 003) burned at x6 with LiteOPremium DH-16FSH Premm2, f/w DWD3


Wow, nice one

But a Transfer Rate Test is only interesting at full speed


At its current selling price, the LiteOn Premium is more expensive than a Blu-ray writer, such as the PIONEER BDR-209, which from what I have read, seems to be a good writer. Is there really a reason to buy this (if looking for a quality DVD writer)?


IMHO only if you a fan and want it absolutely.


A fan of what? LiteOn or writing and testing DVD media? I have bought many DVD writers, but $120 (compared to $20 which seems to be the average price for a DVD writer) is way too much (unless the price drops significantly).


A fan of Liteon, IMHO. I can test already with many drives, currently cheap 124 F and 324 F and Benq 1640 or NEC 7283S. That have to be enough

In my country the Premium isn´t available, so I´m staying cool :wink:


They are not available here either and I don’t expect them to become available at this price.


You don’t have to spend $120 to get this drive. At least I didn’t give that amount of money.


£17.94 + VAT seems like a much more reasonable price. Did you notice any improvements compared to previous LiteOn drives?


Hi kyrcy!
I haven’t found the time to burn DVDs and CDs to come to a conclusion. But judging from the Verbatim DVD+R DL that I burned it seems very good. I’ll post some tests soon. Now I have to go and pick up an Optiarc AD5290S Plus that a friend of mine brought from USA. So I will have two new drives to play with in the next few days :slight_smile: Cheers!


Personally I mostly use LiteOn drives to check disc quality. Samsung and Pioneer drives (even the latest QSI models) seem capable of writing discs much better or at least this is what I have seen happening with the media I am using.


LiteOn drives, from my experience, are very good when it comes to CD-R writing. I never had any problems. With DVD my iHAS 124-14 and iHAS324 gave me fair results but I would choose 324 anytime over the iHAS 124-14, more quiet and better build. Samsung burners are OK and I still have the one that I had the better results by far than any other Samsung drive. The beloved Samsung SH-S203P, Excellent Drive! And the last model they put out (before stopping production), the Samsung SH-224GB seems very nice. As far as Pioneer Drives is concerned they are without a doubt very good drives, never had any problems and I really enjoyed ripping and burning with them. Now they are focusing more on BDR Drives rather on DVD ones and they have put out some terrific drives that cost a small fortune like the Premium BDR-S11J-X Pioneer Ultra HD Blu-ray Burner.


Sony DVD-R x16 (RitekF1) burned at x8 with LiteOn Premium2, f/w DWD3


[quote=“seven8, post:53, topic:313881”]
Sony DVD-R x16 (RitekF1) burned at x8 with LiteOn Premium2, f/w DWD3
[/quote]Have you written and tested the same media with a different LiteOn drive to compare the results?


JVC x16 DVD-R (TYGO 3) burned at x12 with LiteOn Premium2 (f/w DWD3)


No my friend…


FTI CD-R x48 Diamond Series (TDK, 97m15s05f) burned at x16 with LiteOn Premium2 (f/w DWD3)


At least one supplier now stocks the HH version in the US.


so this is real premium drive?

seriously I try to find the “best” drive to buy on this days and everything is confusing, this forum is confusing, is hard just the get a single response of the best drives to buy on this days??? I read tons of threads and just tests and test, any single conclusion there.

my main goal is rip my entire collection of cds and dvds, not much interested in burn cds anymore but burn is welcome.


You can always buy the “Optiarc”, “Piodata”, or “Plextor” branded versions of this drive as manufactured for Vinpower Digital. They are freely available from multiple sources on the web, have firmware updates available, and don’t cost much (especially bulk packed).